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We offer professional accounting services for businesses, individuals, SMSF and retirees. Our team understands that each client is different and we cater our advice to each client’s needs.

At Andrew Poole & Associates, we care about helping you and your business succeed. We’ll provide you with expert accounting services to take the stress off your financial issues so that you can focus on what’s important to you.


Taxation can be a major setback for your business, so that’s why we focus minimising your tax and helping you reach your goals. We provide expert help and advice in areas such as:

  • Preparation of activity statements and advice on payment of tax

  • GST/FBT obligations 

  • Advice on implementation of tax effective trust structures for asset protection and tax minimisation 

  • Management of any ATO Audits or disputes.

We have high service standards for BAS”s and Compliance work and we ensure that small tax returns are prepared in less than 2 weeks. At Andrew Poole & Associates, we strive to make sure that your tax and accounting obligations are completed risk-free and efficiently.

We have extensive experience minimising taxation liabilities and planning ahead for both businesses and individuals in areas such as tax effective pensions, trusts, companies and estate planning. All of our clients are reviewed for taxation exposure before the end of each year so effective planning can be done before it’s too late!

Buying and Selling a Business

Buying a business

Buying a business comes with a lot of stress and challenges, but Andrew Poole & Associates is here to help. We have the experience and expertise you need to maximise the opportunity for you and make sure that you get the best deals.

The services we provide incorporate every stage of the process - from identifying potential acquisitions, through to the negotiations of the commercial elements of the transaction, through to forecasting the future of the business. Incorporated in this is:

  • A review of your goals and objectives

  • Due diligence services

  • Preparation of financial forecasts

  • Advice on potential pitfalls and rewards involved in a merger

  • Assistance with purchase negotiations

  • Advice on financing

  • Assistance with preparation of a business plan

Calling on the skills of professionals means you will be far less likely to purchase an unsuitable business. Let us save you from stress and provide you with the great opportunity a business acquisition or merger can be.

Selling a business

Selling a business can be difficult and frustrating, and the tasks involved in selling a business are often arduous and confusing. Here at Andrew Poole & Associates, we are able to use our expertise and experience to relieve you of that stress.

  • Obtaining comparative results

  • Establishing a realistic sale price

  • Taking the business to the market

  • Negotiating with potential purchasers

  • Drafting a contract

Our friendly and professional staff are able to assist in such a way that a maximum return for your business can be achieved.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Estate planning can be arduous and unpleasant, but it is a necessary part of life. It’ll give you peace of mind knowing that your hard-earned assets will be handled the way you want them to be.

Here at Andrew Poole & Associates, we can guide you through the process of estate planning with expertise and commitment to your personal ideals.

We know that protecting your family’s income and assets is crucial yet time consuming and challenging. Whether it’s superannuation, protective trusts, powers of attorney or guardianship of your children, we have all the latest planning advice on how to protect your income and assets.

For business owners, a plan for succession of ownership is essential. It deals with releasing the very valuable capital built up in the business should you suffer a permanent disability or die, thereby effectively providing to your family a lump sum representing the value of your business built up over many years.

Having a business succession plan will allow you to be in control of what happens to your assets, so you and your family don’t have added stress from business affairs if you leave your business.

At Andrew Poole & Associates, we want to help you secure a comfortable and stress-free future when it comes to money. Contact us now for an estate planning health check of your current structure and we’ll help you identify what you’re missing.


At Andrew Poole & Associates, we’re dedicating to helping you live a comfortable retirement and will help you get the most out of your superannuation.

We add value to superannuation audits, and view them not as an overhead or a necessary evil, but rather as a great opportunity to review your superannuation fund from a tax office and legislative point of view. With the spotlight increasing on the investment activity of small superannuation funds it is important that as a Trustee you are operating your fund correctly.

Our team will work closely with you to analyse any problems and offer commercial and legal solutions to those problems.

Loans, leases and capital needs

We have the advice and expertise to assist you with your loans, leases and capital needs.

We are dedicated to helping our clients with these matters - just recently, we successfully applied for funding for a client that had previously been refused by other major lenders simply because the deal was property related. A well considered plan, application and supporting financial information secured deal for our very appreciative client.

From a business perspective we can also provide advice and guidance on how best to fund the capital needs of your business.

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